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    Design and construction of Multi-Span structures

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Water management with VitaLite

VitaLite water treatment system is based on low pressure UV technology. Low pressure UV disinfection is the most efficient, effective and reliable method of recycling drain water. Research by Wageningen University has shown that the best way to kill waterborne pathogens is by short-wave UV radiation at exactly 254 nm, because it breaks down their DNA.

• Save on water and fertilizers

• Safe disinfection method without adding chemicals

• Less energy consumption and maintenance

• Reliable, safe and controlled

The VitaLite has been designed specifically for water disinfection. The VitaLite provides the most reliable, effective and efficient disinfection method for treating drain water, reservoir water or irrigation water. This low-pressure UV disinfection unit kills 99.9% of all pathogens without adding chemicals to the water.

Shading and energy saving screen


Ridder Screen Company has a wide range of screens in different types and patterns of different texture and different levels of energy saving and shading for various climates of Iran. All sorts of screens of this company contain Anti-UV materials that are suitable for Iran’s climate.

The experts of our company, with the advice of the specialists of the company, choose the most suitable type of screens according to the conditions of the greenhouse and the climate of the your area.

Different types of greenhouse structures

Payavardasa specializes in the design and manufacture of all types of modern greenhouse construction and structures, relying on international experience.

Atomizer system

RWA of Pericoli Company is a water atomizer with rotating disc to be installed on a circulating fan. It is produced in plastic in order to optimize weight and corrosion resistance. Each model can work with water at standard pressure without any nozzles in order to avoid any possible problem caused by calcification and water impurities. The water flow can be regulated according to the customer’s needs.

HortiMaX-Go! Climate Control and Automation System

The HortiMaX-Go! is an all-new horticultural computer designed for growers starting out in protected cultivation and looking for an entry-level automation system. It is the perfect alternative to the current Dutch high-tech solutions that are often too complex or too expensive. The HortiMaX-Go! is unique and sets itself apart from other horticultural computers in the following ways:
Integrated water and climate control
Modern user interface
Smart switch
Plug-and-play installation
Access anywhere, anytime, and on any device

Cultivation advice

Payavardasa offers a variety of services in the area of cultivation advice and related activities

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