Company introduction and goals

Paya Vard Asa Beinolmelal Co., started its activities in the field of designing, manufacturing & equipping modern greenhouses and consulting on hydroponics cultivation in 2018. During its activity, the company succeeded in obtaining the representation of the world’s leading European companies in the field of greenhouse construction and equipping, including Luiten and Ridder-Hortimax Netherlands companies and Pericoli Italy. This company always has technical and educational support for its specialized staff by its European partners. Detailed discussions and frequent meetings with European-based knowledge companies on the climate and the type of equipment used in various climates of Iran, including Svensson, Van der Hoeven, KG, Vifra, Thermoflor, certhon, and flower manufacturing plants such as Anthura, Kordes Rosen, Sion, Ter Laak, Royal Van Zanten, Anco, Hilverda and Konst were among the company’s activities.